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Chat Rooms: Can We Talk?

What is a chat room?

It's an area of a website set aside for people to chat in 'real' time. In other words, messages appear on a screen as soon as they are typed, and are responded to immediately.

Let's go to an established chat room for our first visit -- Yahoo Chat. Go to After the home page loads, click on the 'chat' link, at the left side of the page right by Connect.

You will first have to register, if you don't have a yahoo email address. If you already have a yahoo email address, then you can go straight to the chat room.

Under the 'Enter Chat Room' link, there are two 'Featured Rooms', you can choose instead. After you have made your choice, enter.

You will then be asked to enter your Yahoo ID and Password. The chat room will then begin to load.

Note: You can also download Yahoo Messenger. It's a Free messaging service that allows you to communicate with friends and family and others. It's useful by letting you know when certain people come online. You will download the messenger to your computer.

The messages will have the senders name in front of them, so that you will know who they come from. You type your message in a box at the bottom of the screen, then hit send.

It's fun to chat but beware, Chat Rooms Can Be Addictive!!

If you find that you truly enjoy the chat rooms, limit yourself to one or two hours per day at them.

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