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Free Dating Versus Paid Dating Site

Since the advent of Internet, the splurge of online dating sites has been uncontrolled, setting up unprecedented competition on Net. Online dating is one of the most sought after activity on the net perhaps a second to porn or sex industry.

As always happens the competition reduced client cost and to such an extent that many dating sites started offering free dating to attract consumers to their site. Although this has benefited the consumer, but the benefit is short lived, as realization will dawn that an online dating site is service provider. No service provider can continue to provide quality service and latest utilities on their dating sites without generating funds.

Hence, a matchmaking service that is charging albeit reasonably is better then totally free dating site. It is not so easy to run an online dating site or for that matter any online business. It costs money all the way from design and development, hosting, to installing utilities and to maintain the site online 24/7.

Online dating tools and resources like live web cam and online chat cost money to install and run. Highly paid and trained staff is required all the way from designing, promoting and running to delivering a high quality, premium service.

Another advantage that paid dating sites offer is an active member base of people seriously looking for relationships. The loiterers and wanderers are ruled out, since they will not be willing to pay for the heck of it. That means you have better online personals ads of like-minded people who are more likely to match with you.

Grab a dating site membership during its initial phase on the Net when it is giving a promotional free registration. This is the best thing to do, hence when payment is to be made you already know about the site delivery and quality of its service.

By: Suresh Nair

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Hello, I am Suresh Nair. A freelance writer and website development in charge. I have written on many subjects on relationship,group sex, matchmaking as well on Sydney dating aspects on adult personals dating services and single swingers dating etc.

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