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Why the hijab?  

by Groshan Fabiola

Once upon a time there was a jewelry store owner that had a precious pearl that he loved very dearly. He showed it off in the shop's window and made sure it was visible for everyone that passes by. He kept it on the shop's window so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful pearl. One day this man realized he had very little money and that he would have to sell the pearl so that he can keep his job. He was sure the pearl would sell very fast because it had been complimented many times and many eyes and minds were set on it. However one day followed another and no one seemed to show any interest in the pearl. The shop owner wondered why is it that no one seemed to want the pearl after everyone seemed to adore it. So one day he walked into his store and decided that he would find out why no one is buying the pearl or sell it. So every time someone walked into the store he offered them the pearl, but no one seemed to want it. So then he asked one of the customers that had always admired the pearl why it is that no one -even him- wanted it, the customer's answer was that everyone had seen this pearl every single day and sure it was a beautiful pearl but day by day that amazed feeling you get when you see something so gorgeous faded away and that it was pretty to look at but when you actually want to buy something so precious you wa

nt it to be specially for you and not shown to everyone that walks by.

And that is the reason why Islam commands women to wear the veil. Because it counts women as a pearl that should be kept protected and only shown to those who are worthy of seeing such beauty. So Muslim women wear the Hijab not to hide their beauty but to preserve the Fitnah - bad deeds- that ruins society and destroys happy homes.

However, there are certain rules that should be considered while wearing Islamic clothing; for example what you dress in mustn't be tight or fitting or see-through. Of course it should cover the Awra -places in the body that shouldn't be shown- which is for women in front of all men except their fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, father-in-law, husband, and nephews. Islamic clothing is loose because if it was tight it would describe the body features which is pointless.

There is always a false idea about the Hijab in the western culture. This idea suggests that Muslim women are oppressed and forced to cover their selves. That idea however is false because most Muslim women actually choose to wear the scarf. In fact Muslim women are treated very well, they have the choice to work and not to work, if they chose not to their father brother or husband is commanded to support them financially and emotionally. Muslim women all over the world feel very respected and pleased.

However, even though Islamic clothes are modest they could also be elegant and chic. It could describe your personality like any other normal piece of clothing would.

So if anyone asks why you would wear the veil and hide your beauty you tell them you are Muslim and proud of it and that you are not hiding your beauty but you are saving for the person that deserves it the most and like the pearl you are the perfect choice for someone that is actually serious about you.

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