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Muslim Religion Problematic

First of all I would like to state that I believe all religions are bad for humanity and they should be erased from the planet. It is inevitable that sometime in the far off future there will be no religion on the planets amongst human beings, as we will grow out of that.

However currently we have many religions, which are problematic and they are busy forcing their will on large population bases. Now then, I have been critical of every religion known to mankind and I have not individually singled out any single one as being evil or any such thing.

In fact I believe all religions are probably evil but then again so is mankind as we have studied some of the characteristics within us that are not so pleasurable to discuss. Now then, lets discuss the Muslim religion and Islam.

The Muslim religion is extremely problematic in that they wish to self segregate themselves from the rest a world and believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong. It is unfortunate that a group of Muslims within the religion go out of their way to recruit people to join groups of murdering squads called international terrorist cells and the Muslim religion itself will not enforce these bad guys.

That is not say that all Muslim religious followers support international terrorism, but if they do nothing about it then in any way they are condoning it. This cannot be allowed and needs to stop. Those who are Muslim should not self-segregate from the rest of the world and they should understand that if we do not work together in cooperation that there will be a backlash and turning point.

Such a situation will hurt their cause and their families. All religions should be stopped and if the Muslim religion is the last religions standing then of course those folks have the most to lose as the rest of mankind progresses into the future and leaves them behind. Please consider this in 2006.

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