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Attribute - Swingers Lifestyle

Swinging though started in USA has in recent times become a universal activity, and the lifestyle is practiced by many in all countries except those that are very conventional and conservative.

The concept of swinging is very broad. The term swinging has varied connotation all depending upon the type of couples or adult swingers seeking it. Though the core concept of wife swapping or partner exchange for sex remains the same, the flavors may vary from country to country and from society to society, much depending upon the ethnicity and culture the swingers couple belong to.

Though sex is the main player in swinging, especially in the western world - where sexual liberation is manifold - emotional bondage may be sought in an eastern society that is more conservative - where sexual promiscuity is in closet. This would be more of couple friendship where in sex is limited to petting and caressing each other s wife rather than hardcore sex and perhaps, an odd affair here and there at a get together or a party.

The association is on regular basis between couples and interactivity is quite freely done so it can be termed as emotional or social swinging where sex plays a lesser role. This form of swinging is hardly visible. Nevertheless, it is there. What I am putting emphasis upon is that sex always cannot be a main player in swinging and hence, (at places) change the notion that swinging is for sex. By doing this, I am giving a softer facet to lifestyle. Please not emotional and social bondage between couples is not a new thing. Sex! Sex! Sex! Not always.

Swinger s wife swapping anyway is what swinger dating is all about. But then it is not always a two way relation ship, as some couples prefer to have a sexual liaison with a single either straight or bisexual woman or man. The persons who look for a couples company on regular basis are known as single swinger. This activity is also known as couple sex dating. Since this is still a case swingers wife swapping although one way the couple would therefore be called swinger couple. Three some sex group are a clear instance of couple sex.

By: Suresh Nair

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Suresh Nair is SEO and freelance writer. He is into search engine optimization and web site design and development besides writing online in ezines and article sites. He writes on adult swingers and swinger dating.

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