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Dating for pleasure : where to find a good date?  

by Nathalie Fiset

Dating is a popular way of meeting people of the opposite sex and maybe start new relationships. Where does a person go though to find a date that will be pleasant and maybe lead to a more significant relationship?

Most bar and night clubs are attended by people who are looking to have a good time and maybe short term relationships. If a person is interested in finding dates for a more long-term perspective, she might need to think outside the box. There has been significant and live-happily-ever-after relationships that started in bars but in order to increase the odds of finding a person like-minded, there are other places a person can look.

Before getting into the dating scene, a person has to do two things: know and like herself. By knowing herself well, a person will avoid all those bad dates that lead nowhere because she is with the wrong person and they have practically nothing in common. John Gray the author of men are from Mars and Women are from Venus says people should go where they never go to find interesting new dates. We totally disagree with this. Hence if a person who enjoys the library very much hooks-up with a gym fanatic, the odds of their relationship lasting are pretty low since they have nothing in common.

By liking themselves, a person increases the odds of h

er date going well. People are attracted to people who show confidence and are pleasant. If a person spends the entire date putting herself down, the odds of her date being attracted to her are very low.

Once you are confident and know what you are looking for, where do you go to find a pleasant date? The answer is simple: where you usually go for starter but you hang around longer and display genuine interest in people. A woman should not discard making friends with other women as the odds are very good this person knows other men such as friends or relatives she can introduce you to. At worst, the person seeking out a date will end-up with a friend.

Other easy and simple ways to meet potential dates are hanging around at cafes alone, participating in trips designed exclusively for singles, attending a course or a seminar and mingling with the attendees or doing volunteer works.

Another very good way to get interesting dates is to tell people you are actively looking for them. Hence, many meaningful relationships started by arranged dates by mutual friends who just knew well this match would be a perfect one.

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