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What if No One Had to Die In Battle for Allah?

What if those recruited by the International Radical Islamic Terrorists were smart enough to understand that they were being mislead and lied to? What if the International Radical Islamic Terrorists did not often attempt to recruit down syndrome teens to strap bombs to their selves? What if no one had to Die in Battle for Allah, because people being recruited for suicide murderous bombings understood the truth? What if those who have been told to hate, started asking questions such as; Why? Why should I hate the Americans or Western World?

When told because they are infidels, wouldn t it be great if those being recruited turned around and asked of the International Radical Islamic Terrorists; Aren t you an infidel since you are promoting the killing of others and therefore an infidel too? Wouldn t it be great if those being recruited to plant roadside bombs or make suicide runs told the International Radical Islamic Terrorists to go stick it or told the Clerics to go do it yourself if it is that big of a deal? What if everyone just told the Clerics to get a life? What if they just said NO to International Radical Islamic Terrorism and declared themselves a member of the real Islamic Faith? What if all people were educated enough to see through the lies and butchering of the Islamic religion by these radical clerics? What if the Muslim population of the world said; no more and thru out those who preach hate and live in hypocrisy? I wonder what the Middle East would be like then? Think on it.

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