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Indian Girls on Marriage Sites

We checked the databases of many dating sites and matrimonials sites and found that the best male to female ratio existed on marriage websites. This means that there are more women on marriage websites as compared to women on dating sites.

The marriage sites in question were Indian websites. There are several factors for this.

1. Men are generally afraid of commitment and are not as likely to join a marriage site as they would a dating site. Dating sites, therefore, get a lot of non-serious people.

2. Women are looking for serious life partners. They do not have time for dating websites that are generally aimed to hook up.

3. Indians put more emphasis on women to get married at a young age than they do the men. So many women are out there looking for life partners a lot earlier than men.

For these 3 reasons, there are many profiles of Indian girls.

It is generally believed that you have to be Indian to be on these kinds of websites but the contrary is true. Because these women are taking it upon themselves to find a love partner, they are generally very modern and are willing to accept a marriage partner not of the same religion, caste, country, ethnicity.

Many of the women over 35 are very open minded because of their age. They want to get married in time to have kids and are not as willing to wait for Mr. Right as you might expect on other dating sites or even from other women.

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