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Online Dating And Long Term Relationship

The word dating is derived from date . When they word date is uttered among youth it implies to much more than the date as a chronological reference to time in terms of time as we know and the calendar we follow. For the youth it means an appointment with a friend of opposite for an evening or night out.

For an adult date has same meaning as the youth but it is not restricted to fun and holding hands and mumbling few niceties before the farewell. Online dating implies to creating a space for love, romance or a long term relationship and casual or pre-mediated hot, torrid sex encounter. Another negative aspect of an online dating on land is that anonymity cannot be maintained easily and squarely as you would like to at least in the initial stages.

The adult dating world is very complex and mired in confusion for many. The reason is that online dating on land as such was a very frustrating affair as interaction with the opposite sex was restricted to social clubs, work place, community and few other outlets. Thus if within these venues you could not find a soul mate or a sex partner then you had to wait for eternity for that chance meeting (if ever) with a perfect person. Or catch hold of who ever you found near suitable and risk

the chance of facing frustration in later period of life.

Internet has changed that, the fantastic information transmission and connectivity that it has ushered has brought about a paradigm shift in the way we date. Not only the way we date but even in our sexual attitudes and orientations. If you visit any dating site you will realize as to how valid the above fact is. Browse the online dating personals of any major dating site and you will realize how varied the expression of sexual desire and sexual preference is.

In a fast changing society the expression of word sex is no more a taboo. People now flaunt their sexuality more openly and are not afraid of experimenting with different lifestyles as is apparent in case of swinging among couples know as swingers or adult swingers. Swinger sex albeit not acceptable to traditionalist has brought about a revolution in sex lives of married couples. The aspect of sharing once wife or swapping partner for sex is now nothing new. One good look at swinger s personals will make that apparent. Even as a single you can sex with swinger s if acceptance is there since there are many combinations that are popular among swingers from twosome sex to threesome sex and orgies. BDSM and fetishist also find there kind in these websites.

Similarly the alternate sex seekers like bisexual, gay and lesbians have surfaced evenly in Internet dating thanks to anonymity it provides to out personals in a world which still refers to homo sexuality as queer . There are now specific portal which are service providers for alternate sex seekers and are referred to as gay dating site and lesbian free dating site which are targeted on gay sex and lesbian sex.

Many portals offer the option of ethnic or religious online dating of your desire to date with a person of same faith or ethnicity or have interracial relationship.

You can virtually date anyone in the world as people can post their profiles on any dating site now along with their photos. You can interact with people you like using online chat or live webcams to get to know them better before you take the plunge of meeting them. This will take you to a long term relationship a matrimonial alliance or a rollicking sex date what ever you wish.

Hence when you visit a dating site make sure of what you wish for and accordingly choose a site that is focused on singles dating, sex dating, gay lesbian or swinger s sex or even just friendship. Then matchmaking services or adult friend finder that is region specific in case you are looking for dating within your country or in a local area. There are portals which offer everything under one roof making your task easier.

Be careful there portals that offer everything and deliver nothing. They will cheat on your credit cards and most of the profiles posted would be fake or inactive. Prefer sites which give free registration thereby giving you a chance for exploring the site before you commit financially. In most of the trusted sites privacy, anonymity and safety is assured. Just be focused what kind of dating you are in for to have a successful online dating experience.

By: Suresh Nair

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Suresh Nair is SEO and freelance writer. He is into search engine optimization and web site design and development besides writing online in ezines and article sites. He writes on online dating and dating site.

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