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Christian Dating Services

Christian dating services are different from general dating services in that they are dedicated to the needs of Christians. Such dating services offer matching that is based on Christian principles. The key distinction between a Christian dating site and a regular dating site is the foundation of faith that such websites uphold. Compared to the times gone by, these days dating is not easy or safe, especially for Christians who wish to honor God in their relationships.

Christian dating services seem to be getting very popular on the Internet. Such services are also getting accepted within a church s ministry. These sites help Christian singles get together in order to facilitate dating, courtship, fellowship, or marriage. Another use of a Christian dating site is as a potential for Bible study or for prayer partner support. Normally, site members have to be 18 years or older; however, this depends on the kind of singles ministry that the church sponsors.

Christian Caf is one of the largest online Christian singles sites, with about 100,000 members, and is owned by Real Cafes, Inc., Ottawa, Canada. Other prominent sites include eHarmony, Single Christian Network, and Christian Connection Matchmaker.

Agape Christian Singles is a Christian singles site that caters to born-again evangelical Christians. Christian dating sites allow a potential member to go on a test drive of the site before they create their own profile for membership. These sites are comparatively inexpensive and enable Christian singles to get together with other singles who have common interests. This can give rise to many new friendships, acquaintances, pen pals, and romances. Christian online dating sites also encourage group get-togethers, which gives the members a chance to meet other local Christian singles.

Becoming a member of a Christian dating service is not considered wrong, as long as the person understands the rules of dating in Christianity. A search for a good Christian dating service produces innumerable results there are too many to choose from. However, it pays to exercise prudence while contacting and subscribing to these services.

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