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Dating Chat

If you are looking for romance or simply just some new friends, then dating chat is a great way to find like-minded people who share the same interests and values as you.

There are many different names for dating chat such as Phone line dating, telephone dating friendship lines, chatlines. However, whatever you may wish to call them, they mean the same thing. It is a way of chatting to new people!

Chatlines etc are certainly a popular way to meet people and this way of dating looks set to be more popular than dating and friendship websites.

Dating chat has lots of benefits. First of all, how many of us actually enjoy going to a pub or club with a view to meeting people and having to shout at them in order to be heard?

By chatting online, you can take the time to really suss out what a person is like. Certainly, you have more of a basis to work on compared to a few snatched words in a pub or club.

Certainly, having a chat with someone is a far better way to gage what they are like rather than via emails. As an example, someone who sends emails that look like they have a dry sense of humour may in fact have no sense of humour at all when you actually speak to them!

Likewise, someone who seems your ideal person

via email may, once you actually speak to them, have the most irritating voice in the world!

You can also rebuff people who you don t like more effectively, without worrying about doing it face-to-face!

Also, many women (and men for that matter too) feel that there is a meat market feel to going to clubs with the opposite sex eyeing them up with just one thing in mind!

Other benefits of dating chat is that for people who work nights or are single parents where your social life may be restricted, dating chatlines are there 24/7. You can talk to people during your lunch break at work or, in the middle of the night if you are an insomniac that s the beauty of online chat!

It can also work out cheaper than joining a membership or friendship site as in most cases you simply pay for the call.

Dating chat is the way to go if you are seeking romance or new friends. You can get a real feel for the person who you are talking to much quicker than you would via email or messaging, saving you a lot of time wondering!

By: Jason Hulott1 -

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Jason Hulott is Director of Dating at UK Dating Online , a UK online dating service with Reviews of the major dating services.

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