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Ireland - The Emerald Isle

Ireland is an island in the northern Atlantic Ocean west of Great Britain, divided between the independent Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is a part of the United Kingdom. Ireland is the third-largest island in Europe. Dublin is the capital of Ireland.

Ireland is also known as the Emerald Island. It is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. Ireland is compared to a precious gem Emerald because of its mesmerizing and captivating lush green natural beauty. The heavy rains in the western parts are responsible for the brilliant green grass.

The exquisite Irish landscapes make profound impressions on the minds and souls of the beholders. Ireland has the most seducing landscapes. They seem to be the most luscious expression of romantic poetry. The Irish beauty is vinous, voluptuous, ravishing, enchanting, intoxicating

Irish weather is sometimes so enticing that it makes a person to yearn for wings or makes a person fly with the wings of fancy to view the truly luminous greens and luxuriant wildflowers from the azure sky.

The Irish name for Ireland is Eire and Hibernia is the Latin name for Ireland. Ireland is also known as the Land of saints and scholars because of the strong educational and religious tradition in Ireland. Sometimes Ireland is dubbed as silk of the kine; the nickname comes from the Irish s oda na mb .

The Emerald Isle is one of the coveted tourist spots of the world. It attracts the tourists from all parts of the world. Ireland is a perfect spot to explore the natural beauty.

The ireland vacation, ireland golf vacation and ireland vacation packages are hotly pursued all over the globe.

The tourism and hotel industry is one of the cornerstones of Irish economy. The hotels in ireland are sheer manifestation of comforts and luxuries. The Ireland hotels offer the exquisite scenic beauty.

If you are planning for ireland vacation, can help you find best and cheap hotels in ireland. The website offers tons of info ireland hotel, hotel dublin ireland and cheap ireland hotel. The website also carries the info on ireland vacation, ireland golf vacation and ireland vacation packages.

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