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Suggestions For Christian Singles Thinking Of Using An Online Christian Dating Site

If you are interested in finding a Christian spouse and are looking to an Online Christian Dating site, you will probably need to set some guidelines. If you follow these suggestions, meeting the right person, under the right circumstances, is not difficult.

First, and most importantly, pray and submit yourself to God. God wants most men and women to be married and have a family. Therefore, pray about it. Commit yourself to God and His Word, seek His counsel and pray for Him to lead you down this path. Then by faith He will not let you down.

Secondly, try first to look to find opportunities to meet Godly singles around you. Without neglecting your home church, go on as many mission trips, and Gospel bible study meetings that you can. Join or volunteer for Christian groups that you believe in, not only for your own spiritual benefit, but to meet other Christian singles. God uses these places to bring singles of similar interests and backgrounds together.

Always accept and seek introductions to other Christian singles. This is may actually be one of the best ways to meet someone. If a true Christian friend says to you, "There is someone I would like for you to meet," accept the invitation. It works! If there is someone you want to meet, seek an introduction through a friend. It can be very discreet, polite and effective.

If you have already tried those things, then try an online Christian dating site. These have become places for Christian singles to meet others with the same Godly values and desires. Just make sure you choose a site that is only for Christians. This way you have weeded out of your prospects anyone who is not committed to finding a partner to both share your life and to together seek God s glory. (God s instructions for marriage are clear that you are not to marry an unbeliever.)

Finally, seek your pastor's advice. Before you get too serious with anyone, seek the advice of your pastor. Meet together with him and discuss important issues that define a good Christian marriage. Most couples seek premarital counseling after the wedding arrangements are already made. It is often too late. It is better to start over that commit to that person and God in marriage before you are sure.

By: Susie Wateridge

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